Jetset Eye Brush Kit

Jetset Eye Brush Kit

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This fierce trio of travel-sized makeup brushes features a Crease Brush, All-over Shadow Brush, and Smudge Brush. Designed with densely packed, ultra soft high-grade synthetic fibers, each brush expertly grabs, and smoothly blends powder formulas with ease and precision for seamless eyeshadow looks.


ALL OVER SHADOW BRUSH - Dip flat side of brush into shadow and gently tap to remove excess powder, then glide brush across lower lid up to brow bone. May also be used to blend shadow

BLENDING BRUSH - To blend and smudge shadows along crease of eye, use a gentle sweeping back and forth motion. Use shorter strokes to smudge along lash line

CREASE BRUSH - Dip tip of brush into shadow and gently tap to remove excess powder. Next, apply to outer corner of crease and use short sweeping strokes to work color into inner crease. To create intensity, smudge shadow along lower lash line

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